Planning for disabled

A disability is the disadvantage or restriction of activity caused by a social organisation which takes no of little account of people who have physical impairments.

“Spatial scientists have tended to negate, disavow, deny, and exclude the body from its scientific and philosophical discourse” (cf. Longhurst, 1994).

Stopping bicycles .... and wheelchairs

where wheelchairs are not welcome...

Of course, people care and make - invisitable - rest places...

and created organisations to make the world more accessible, like in the Netherlands 'het landelijk bureau toegankelijkheid' with 'an excellent accessibility':

and - indeed - many 'improvements' were made to make cities more accessible:

stijle ramp

stupid improvements


and thoughtless solutions.

How can we improve the build environment in a more meaningful way for disabled, elderly, mothers with buggies, people with heavy suitcases, and so forth?